the Healthiest, Tastiest, Easiest ‘sandwich’ in the world!

Quite the boast! Now to back it up… meet ‘The Lukli (no carb) Red Pepper Sandwich’

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You will need:

Now simply cut the pepper in half, remove seeds, layer in meat, cheese, spinach and sprouts and bon appetit! Takes only a couple minutes and No clean up… how’s that for easy.

I came up with the recipe while reading “The South Beach Diet” and “SuperFoods Rx” (both great sources of easily digestible nutritional information). At the time I was doing quite a lot of hiking and was looking for a portable, high protein snack that incorporated several ‘superfoods’ and no ‘bad carbs.’Voilà! The healthiest easiest meal I know!

Is it the tastiest? I think so… try it (and let me know what you think!)

Bonus: tofu for veggie/vegan, atkins and anabolic diet friendly and… sometimes I melt mozzarella in the microwave and pour it into the pepper (eat while warm, it’s decadent and amazing)


3 Responses to “the Healthiest, Tastiest, Easiest ‘sandwich’ in the world!”

  1. Lisa Says:

    So.write a cookbook. Ideas for audience & humour are zipping through my brain.

  2. ExPat Chef Says:

    The recipe carnival is up at Expatriate’s Kitchen. Thanks for participating.

  3. Chef Erik Says:

    Looks great! Saw your recipe on the carnival 🙂

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