a few shows that i have seen

Bob Dylan (The Rage Nightclub, Vancouver)(05/13/98 )
This was one of the most amazing shows ever! what a night… I was 18, senior year of high school and I found out (somehow?) that Bob Dylan was gonna do a small club show the night before the big show with Joni Mitchell & Van Morrison (I already had my tickets for that one). So I jumped in the car, drove to ticketmasters main office in Vancouver and stood there until they went on sale… got my ticket, grabbed my good (but not perfect) fake ID, said a prayer and went to the club… ended up talking in line with two beautiful women who though that it was sooo cute I was going to see this show that they would make sure I got in, and I did… It was amazing, I of course didn’t have the true measure of what I was seeing, but I knew I was lucky to be experiencing it, I knew it was rare… I stood beside a pillar 15 feet from Bob Dylan, drank beer, and watched him do a 90 minute set… I skipped my first couple classes the next day.

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