All in the Family

//” cannot be displayed, because it contains just for the hell of it i downloaded the first season of all in the family. i remember watching it when i was a kid and enjoying it, but i haven’t seen the show in maybe twenty (yikes) years… and wow, pretty great! it ran from ’71 to ’79 and if something this progressive was the number one show on network tv today, well, that would be nice.

download it here…

All in the Family was notorious for featuring language and epithets previously absent from television, such as “fag” for homosexual, “spic” for Hispanics, “dago” and “wop” for Italians, “chink” for Asians, “spade” for Blacks, and phrases such as “God damn it.” It was also famous for being the first major television show to feature the sound of a flushing toilet; it became a running gag on the show.

While moral watchdogs attacked the show on those grounds, others objected to the show’s portrayal of Archie Bunker as a “lovable” bigot. Defenders of the series pointed out that Archie usually lost his arguments by reason of his own stupidity.

In addition to its candid political dialogs, All in the Family’s story lines also included a sense of realism not previously associated with sitcoms. A 1973 episode, for example, found the Bunkers discovering a swastika painted on their front door. (It had been intended for their Jewish neighbors down the street.) An activist from the Jewish Defense League showed up, proposing violent retaliation against whoever painted it, but upon leaving, he was blown up in his car, as the Bunkers watched in horror from their front door. To interweave illness, crime, or in this case, the off-screen violent death of a character into the plot of a comedy show was an unprecedented move.

too… but not as good and for different reasons…

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